Sunday, October 31, 2010

day 6 : things I keep in my closet

The closet seems always to have been the proverbial cubby for embarrassing/potentially awkward things that are best kept to yourself. I imagine it's where boys keep their porn and ex-girlfriends' gifts - the same place one might roll up all the atrocious holiday sweaters and hope for a swarm of starving moths to nest upon them.

My closet, on the other hand, is always thrown open to the world. And so is my bedroom door, for that matter. At least when I'm conscious. Sleepytime is time for closed doors (because if a burglar were to come into my apartment at night and attempt to come into my bedroom, at least I'd hear my door open first! But that's virtually the only reason it stays closed). Perhaps this would suggest that I'm a very open person!

Anyways, the (very mundane) contents of my closet:

  • lots of clothes
  • Boyfriend's clothes
  • laundry hamper (separated by whites, darks, and "colors" whatever that means)
  • boxes with lamps I never use
  • cheap black Room Essentials comforter (super scratchy, mostly polyester, would not recommend)
  • cheap lime green Room Essentials sheets (also super scratchy, yuck)
  • black body pillow I thought would be a good idea initially but turned out I just threw it on the floor =(
  • Zoloft, Ducksquirrel, and Pikachu! They're just chillin'
  • Luggage receptacle...container-things
  • Under-bed storage (not under my bed, haha) full of shelving
  • Box of electronics/wires
  • Large plastic bins full of old textbooks and the remains of a failed attempt at a Sailor Mars costume
  • sad neglected violin
That's pretty much everything. Nothing embarrassing to speak of. Except perhaps a pink nightie that looks a little awkward. That's ok.

It'd almost be nice if I did have something incredibly embarrassing or interesting in my closet. Maybe then I could actually write about it. Along the same lines, I have nothing under my bed either. Not even dust bunnies because - as it happens - I virtually took my bed apart and vacuumed underneath it today. That was pretty nasty. I mentioned the hair on hardwood floor thing before, right? Yeah.

I will say, though, whenever I notice my violin, I feel a little guilty. It used to be so well-loved, and now it's just sitting in my closet. I think I keep it there so that I can forget I have it, sometimes. I should get it out to play at some point...see if I can still hit a note. Or read music, for that matter.

Aside: once again, it is the night of Halloween, and this is my activity for the evening. I'm so cool.

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yifan said...

It's always cool to blog on Halloween :)