Saturday, October 30, 2010

day 5 : the short, the long, and the ugly

I feel like I could make a very crude penis joke here...but I'll leave it at that.

It is very late in the day right now - so late that it is actually tomorrow already. Kindof odd to think about since my periods of consciousness don't necessarily overlap with the periods of the day. Hence, I've been cheating a little in my 30-day challenge, posting after the day is technically over. I figure it's all right.

I had the most delicious red velvet cupcake today, from more cupcakes. My lovely roommate brought it home just for me, as they apparently decided to shower cupcakes on college students as some promotional shtick. At least that's what I imagine the goal to be for some food truck to schlep out to South Campus and hand out cupcakes in Chinese takeout boxes. They were cute! And super-delicious. Something about the icing...reminded me of the filling in lemon creme donuts. But with less preservative aftertaste.

This cupcake I consumed, of course, all by me onesy, shortly after having a discussion with my Peer Health Educator coordinator about diabetes. And my consumptive fear of it (less severe than my consumptive fear of public restrooms, but still pretty high on the list).

My grandmother has diabetes, and my experiences with carbohydrates suggest to me that I probably don't metabolize sugars as well as I should. The carb coma is a serious problem in my daily life, and I proactively limit my carbohydrate intake in the morning and afternoons when I need to sit in class, i.e. actually remain conscious, after a meal. It is truly unfortunate that I LOVE cinnamon rolls and red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting and all manner of sugary goods.

I know that type II diabetes is getting diagnosed earlier and earlier, i.e. in younger populations than ever before, so I wonder if other college students - people my age - otherwise healthy and mindful of exercise (OK, I guess that's not me...) have the same concerns I do. I imagine this is something I should think more in-depth about later, but for now, it is 2 in the morning, and I have little insight to offer.

P.S. I realize this is a...different spend a Friday night. I would say, perhaps, very U of C. :)

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