Monday, December 27, 2010

day 15 : back in action! but with not a single clever thing to say...

Then again, when was I ever clever? :)

I rise from the dead to crawl back to my mess of a 30-day challenge with my proverbial tail between my legs. At this point, I think I've lost the point of the challenge but have decided to forge ahead nonetheless. The writing practice is good.

It occurred to me recently that, while in the shower, I have very little going on in my head. Same goes for driving. The 10 or 15 minutes I spend in the shower are often completely lost time. I go through the motions of personal hygiene; I'm in and out in no time at all. Some people do some good thinking in that shower stall, but it seems whenever I try to reflect on anything (because yes, I've consciously tried to think productive thoughts), I mess up. Once, I found myself washing my hair with shower gel, i.e. body wash, and another time I shampooed my hair twice.

You'd think that the motions of taking a shower should become so automatic that you wouldn't have to think about them, but apparently, the extent of my automated-ness hasn't gone so far as to let me focus on other things.

When I'm driving alone it's much the same thing. Not a thought in my head. Only space for those reflex reactions - stop, go, yield, slow down, stop. When someone else is in the car - whether it's because of some narcissistic need to impress or simply because I'm engaged in something else - I drive a little more recklessly, miss stop signs, accelerate faster, take turns more sharply...

This is probably a common phenomenon. Perhaps I should find others who share my lack of productive/inspired shower/driving time. Then again, maybe I lack meaningful things to think about.

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