Saturday, November 13, 2010

day 13 : boob jobs

Thought about one? Thinking about one? Think you might start to think about one after a few decades and gravity starts to take its toll?

It's not an unusual consideration. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there were over 300,000 reported breast augmentations performed in 2009, down from over 350,000 the year before. And if you think about how these numbers represent the people who actually go through with the procedure, the number of people who've given even half a second's thought to it must be at least double.

I'm gonna be honest - I've thought about it too. Thought about and rejected, but considered nonetheless!

The thing is, how could you not? Media is pumped full of fantastic images - women with tiny waists and full, perky breasts. Audiences of men and women idolize the Victoria's Secret models with their sexy curves. Buy a push-up bra, increase your cup size, become your fantasy. All of it is just a surgical procedure away.

Until now.

Check out this product I discovered while reading better health blog:

Are your eyes deceiving you, you ask? Is this product actually called boob job? In fact it is. Marketed by Rodial Body Care products, boob job claims to augment your breasts by up to 2.5 cm when applied twice daily.  For the nominal fee of £125.00, you too can be the proud owner of a pair of beautifully bigger boobs. Rodial describes the product's mechanism as a natural one derived from an "Asian root that has no hormonal activity." Their website doesn't really give any indication as to what it does, but other compounds in the cream apparently help to redistribute fat cells to the bust area and at the same time firm and tone the breasts as well.

Here's a testimonial from one of boob job's satisfied customers:

"After just 4 days of using Boob Job, I have definitely noticed a difference! My bra feels tighter, and my bust seems much firmer! I know longer need to use my chicken fillets!!"
Wow! She know longer needs to use chicken fillets!

Two things seem to be at work here. One, many many women would love to see their breasts fit the fantastic ideals put forth by marketing and media. Two, there's a stigma associated with undergoing plastic surgery of any sort, not to mention it's expensive. A third thing that might be tagging along for the ride is what I always refer to as the "green movement" - eating healthy, buying organic, turning to "natural" products that have previously undiscovered substances and properties that can substitute for all the synthetic junk we pump into our bodies through food and medicine and things like cigarettes.

Snaps to Rodial for putting all these things together and making a product with some relatively unknown compound from the Orient to give women exactly what they want in a discreet and inexpensive way that doesn't expose them to the stigma of plastic surgery...! But it's one thing to ingeniously put all these things together; it's another if the product doesn't actually work. That being said, it's ridiculous that the company doesn't put up more data from product testing. Testimonials are cute. But they don't really say much, especially if your sources can't distinguish between 'no' and 'know.'

Dr. Nield, of The London Clinic, was quoted in a news article expressing skepticism of the product. I agree with the need for very vocal medical scrutiny in a sketchy product such as boob job, but I think Dr. Nield could have taken more consideration in forming her comments, especially now that she may become part of a libel suit with Rodial. It is of course imperative that she makes her concerns known, but I think we have to consider the conflict of interests here. Dr. Nield is a consultant plastic surgeon. Would she want to see her patients go elsewhere for their breast augmentation treatments? And really, who are we kidding when we see a product that safely and effectively increases the size and perk of any part of the body? Maybe this cream isn't exactly safe, but is putting silicone in your boobs any safer?

When you look at it from the free woman's point of view, it's all a mess of ridiculosity. Be yourself, love your body, love your boobs - and keep them the way God gave them to you. The best way to go would be to just leave your boobs alone! 'Nuff said.

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yifan said...

You've got nice boobs, you don't need a boob job or the boob job.